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Note: 837PV5010A1 format file testing by ODMH/ODADAS will begin after 9/1/11.
Note: Rate testing for 5010 – NPI format is optional.

The URL for the Provider Web Portal is:>

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Click here for the ODMH Medicaid Link for MACSIS Updates, Training Information, etc.:

Click the links below for MACSIS Documentation:

MACSIS: FY10 Archive Update: January 11, 2012

MACSIS: 5010 835 Upgrade: January 4, 2012

MACSIS: ERA/RA/RJ Continuation Status: January 4, 2012 

Calendar Year: 2011

MACSIS: Short Claims Extract; December 16, 2011

MACSIS: New Claims Extract Format: December 16, 2011

MACSIS: Holiday & Archiving Schedule: December 16, 2011

ODMH Licensure & Certification concerning AUCR: December 15, 2011

Submitting Claims via the MITS Web Portal with "OTHER PAYER" Information: December 15, 2011

Memo from ODMH & ODADAS: Update on Denied Claims due to MITS Eligibility Issues: December 13, 2011 

MACSIS Communication: 837p 5010 Production Implementation: December 12, 2011 

MACSIS Update ODADAS/ODMH Provider Web Portal: December 9, 2011

MACSIS Communication HIPAA 837P 5010 Update Diagnosis Requirement: December 8, 2011
MACSIS Communication: 5010 Provider Testing -November 9, 2011

Procedures for Correcting MACSIS Medicaid Claims Priced Under Tiered Payment Logic
AOD Case Management & MH CPST Services

Provider Web Portal User Guide

MACSIS Communication: Cost Containment Implementation Update - October 31, 2011

MACSIS Communication: Cost Containment Implementation- October 28, 2011 
837 Professional Claim Guide

MACSIS New 837 Claim Testing Procedure

MACSIS System Procedure: Submitting Test Claim EDI Files For Approval

MACSIS Testing Request Form

ODADAS Service Rate Form

ODMH Service Rate Form

Note: When ready please upload your test file to the secure site using the appropriate test naming convention and send the completed testing forms to:

























































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