Cuyahoga County Title

Board Members

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Board Leadership:  

Eugenia Kirkland, LSW, MSSA, CDCA, Chair 
J. Robert Fowler
J. Robert Fowler, Ph.D., Vice Chair
 Pythias D. Jones, M.D., Second Vice Chair 
Board Members: 
 Reginald C. Blue

Reginald C. Blue, Ph.D. Steve Killpack, MS
 Harvey A. Snider
Elsie Caraballo Harvey A. Snider, Esq.


Ericka L. Thoms
Rev. Benjamin F. Gohlstin, Sr.  Ericka L. Thoms

Cassi Handler Katie Kern-Pilch, MA, ATR-BC, LPC-S, HLM (BATA)


 Max M. Rodas, MA

Sharon Rosenbaum, MBA




Hugh B. Shannon

 Mary M. Step, Ph.D




Scott S. Osiecki
Chief Executive Officer/Chief of External Affairs


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