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State legislators passed the Open Meetings amendment in HB197 – the Emergency Relief Legislative Package for Ohio related to COVID-19. The bill allows for public boards to meet electronically, in any format, so long as the public can still participate and the rules of the revised code related to public meetings still be met. The order is issued from March 9, 2020 – December 1, 2020 and is considered effective immediately. The entire amendment is here for your review.  


2020 Board Meetings
Full Schedule of 2020 Board Meetings 
NO Board Meetings in August
Community Relations & Advocacy
1st Wednesday, 9/02/20
4:00 pm
Planning & Oversight
2nd Wednesday, 9/9/20
4:00 pm
Finance & Operations
3rd Wednesday, 9/16/20
4:00 pm
General Meeting
4th Wednesday, 9/23/20
4:00 pm
Faith-based Outreach
1st Wednesday, 10/7/20
400 pm
NO Meeting 2nd Wednesday, 10/14/20
Committee of the Whole
3rd Wednesday, 10/21/20
4:00 pm
General Meeting
4th Wednesday, 10/28/20
4:00 pm
Committee of the Whole
1st Wednesday, 11/4/20
4:00 pm
No Meeting - Veterans Day
2nd Wednesday, 11/11/20
General Meeting
3rd Wednesday, 11/18/20
4:00 pm
No Meeting - Day before Thanksgiving
4th Wednesday, 11/25/20
NO Board Meetings in December
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