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Advocacy & Legislation

Advocacy is active support of an idea, issue or cause that directly affects people’s lives. Various methods of advocacy, including letter writing, personal visits, rallies, etc., are used to persuade decision makers on a variety of issues such as laws and budget allocations.  An advocate openly speaks out on issues of concern in order to educate decision makers about a specific issue on behalf of the people that are affected by the decision.

As the government agency that plans, funds and monitors public mental health and alcohol and other drug addiction treatment services provided to the residents of Cuyahoga County, the ADAMHS Board takes its advocacy efforts very seriously. We are committed to combating the stigma of seeking treatment for addiction and mental illness and ensuring funding for behavioral health programs & services. Our advocacy efforts include:
  • Arranging consumer/client bus trips to Columbus for rallies and legislative visits,
  • Providing testimony during budget and legislative hearings,
  • Organizing postcard campaigns,
  • Making personal contact with our legislators, and
  • Issuing advocacy action alerts to engage the community.


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