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RFI Outcomes Report

2016 ADAMHS Board Outcomes Reporting

The 2016 Outcomes Report is due August 1, 2016 from all contract agencies and will be utilized as part of the Board's 2016 review for continuation of 2017 contracts.

A separate sheet for each Board-funded program needs to be completed. In order to compile data, MS Word documents can only be accepted - no PDFs please. Use the Arial 11 font provided in the Reporting Template.  Submit any graphs and/or tables in MS EXCEL only.

The numbered items in Benchmarks should match the numbered items in Results. Per 2016 Contracts, Reports should include: 

1. Number of persons served in a program; 

2. Number and percent of individuals successfully completing program (including the definition of “success”, and explanation of how and when it is measured). 

3. Whether program is on target to reach goals, and if not, the reasons for this and the corrective actions to be put into place to reach targets; 

4. Comparisons to the prior year if possible; 

5. Treatment Agencies should also report the results of any clinical measure of improvement  used such as the Ohio Scales for Adults, Ohio Scales for Youth, Brief Addiction Monitor, or others approved by Board.

Below are links to useful documents and the Reporting Form Template: 


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