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Cleveland Police Monitoring Team: First-Year Monitoring Plan Draft 1

This document is an initial draft of the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team’s plan for monitoring the Consent Decree between the United States and City of Cleveland, addressing the Cleveland Division of Police, during the first year of monitoring, from February 1, 2016 through January 30, 2017 (the “First-­Year Monitoring Plan,” “Monitoring Plan,” or “Plan”).

This Plan is intended to provide a clear, unified structure and framework for the day-­to-­day and week-­to-­week efforts that stakeholders from across the Cleveland community will need to undertake to ensure that the Decree is ensuring officer safety, public safety, and constitutional policing in a manner that is consistent with the values of Cleveland’s diverse communities.

This draft is just that: a preliminary, provisional plan for progress under the Consent Decree. We present it to the Division, its officers, and its command staff; the City of Cleveland and its elected officials and leaders; the Department of Justice; the Community Police Commission (“CPC”); community organizations from across Cleveland’s diverse communities; and to the public at large.

Click here to read the entire First-Year Monitoring Plan Draft 1.


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