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Faith-based Outreach Initiative

The mission of the ADAMHS Board is to enhance the quality of life for our community through a commitment to excellence in mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services coordinated through a person-centered network of community supports.

Over the years, Board staff learned that the faith-based community is often contacted by individuals/families experiencing difficult circumstances involving mental health and/or substance abuse issues and realized that spirituality plays an important role in the recovery process.

Recognizing this, the ADAMHS Board formed a Faith-based Outreach Committee and a Faith-based Outreach Subcommittee with the mission:

To recognize and advocate spirituality in the recovery process; to connect the spiritual perspective with other interventions and best practices and to promote the con-cept that treatment works and people recover.

Since the ADAMHS Board does not provide direct services and recognized the benefits of incorporating spirituality into prevention, treatment and recovery support services, the Board contracted with five organizations with diverse programs to participate in the Faith-based Outreach Initiatives Program to:
  • Increase awareness and understanding of mental health/addiction in the faith community and to address societal stigma surrounding mental illness/substance use disorders.
  • Educate the faith community about mental illness & substance use disorders.
  • Develop language and boundaries to clarify the scope of practice for auxiliary spiritual leaders duties within the treatment community and healthcare professionals within the faith community. 
  • Incorporate spirituality as a component of treatment.

The Faith-based Outreach Committee has developed the following two brochures to promote the initiative: (Feel free to download, print and copy the brochures.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Starlette Sizemore-Rice, Director of Special Projects at 216-241-3400, or at


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