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Individual & Family Advocacy Training

Individual & Family Advocacy Training

Start date:
9/29/2016-4:00 PM
End date:
9/29/2016-6:00 PM

Individual and Family Advocacy Training
Empowering individuals and families who have struggled with addiction, and/or who have lost a loved one to addiction

This FREE training will focus on “Stigma busting, messaging, advocating for your loved one, personal stories & other ways to get your voice heard.”

Participants will learn:


  • What it means to be an advocate.
  • Different forms of advocacy.
  • Concept of deliberative dialogue.
  • How to engage in advocacy activities.
  • Empowerment techniques to engage in advocacy activities.
  • How individuals in recovery, family, and allies can share their story.
  • How to become involved in the legislative process.

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